Maddening city life

Life in a city like Delhi can be maddening because of traffic, pollution, road rages and rate races… All this leads to accumulation of much stress which leads to anger, depression and other such problems. It can severely effect our physical / mental health, destroys relationships which nobody really wants.
So, what is the solution of all these problems? And how can we remain peaceful in our day to day life without depending on holidays?
There is one wonderful meditation technique called ‘Dynamic Meditation’ which requires you to devote one hour early morning and it can greatly help you to feel fresh. It must be done with empty stomach.
There are five stages which are :
The first step is ten minutes of chaotic breathing.
In the second step, for ten minutes you have to act out all your madnesses.
In the third step, we will be using the sound “Hoo!” as a mantra.
In the fourth step, you just ’stop’ in whatever posture you are in.
In the fifth step, Celebrate and rejoice with music and dance.
Click here to Read Detailed Instructions for ‘Dynamic Meditation’


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