Can you manufacture transient leaders in a factory?

The title is a bit strange and my dear honorable reader, you must be wondering about the meaning of the title. There are guys who take photographs of transient nature of our human reality but forget that the money in their pocket is also transient. :-)

But anyway, let's come to the main issue 'Can you manufacture leaders in the factory?' I don't think so! Not at all! There is this lead India guy R K Mishra who was angry with Barkha Dutt because of her coverage of 26/11. If one goes ahead and takes the charge of certain situation then controversy is bound to happen. Does it mean that one should be meek and avoid taking charge just because things can go wrong? That would really be a dumb idea!
So, factory leaders can't be of much use. We need real leaders who may be imperfect in many ways but at the end of the day, they can lead the people into some action.
But the effort of creating leader should be respected but unfortunately it can't go very far.

So, can leaders be created in a factory? Isn't it an impossible task like killing a mosquito with a machine gun?
Just being a little funny here! So, laugh my dear readers as laughing happens when you realize the transient nature of things.... in a real way! :-)


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