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My Views about Commonwealth Games 2010

Event Page : Commonwealth Games 2010 at Various Venues > 3rd-14th October, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 is the success for the Political Party and failure of the Government. 

I answer this below : 
Media was continuously finding faults in the Games Organizing Committee and there are supporters of the games who say that it was just an exaggerated stuff. Finally, the games organizers proved their point by delivering the games successfully. 
So, is it all well if it ends well?
Not at all!
First of all, huge money is being spent on this show-off event which is surely a waste of resources and government is just public servant and not the Kings and Queens to take decision regarding public's money on their own. 
They should have asked the public if they want the government to go ahead with the games as the money belongs to the public only. 
The success of a country must not be about the success of competitive games, the true success is all about the welfare of it's people. Competitive…