Corrupt Practices by Delhi Tourism / Government

Update : Good to see that the commercial site isn't a partner in many Delhi government events anymore and it's an old story now. And i also got a reply sometime back that there was some kind of partnership agreement (which shouldn't happen though). Anyway, the chapter is closed for now and it's better to focus on other issues. 


We all know about CWG scam, Telecom Ministry scam and many other scams including corruption in government departments which is faced by public very often.
I also want to point out one corrupt practice which i come across. I have noticed that Delhi Tourism is promoting one commercial website for the last few years. These government organizations are not even interested in providing information to because that won't benefit them.

Why do government organizations promote a commercial venture? The reason is very simple : Personal gain or gain for the political party from corporates for the next election! That should be probed for sure!

By the way, i informed the Tourism department that the company they promote not only has past record of stealing other people's work but indulge in unethical practices too but i didn't get any response as public is never really cared for.

It seems that the government is mainly concerned with their own power and maintaining that requires corporate support and they are least concerned with public welfare.

That's the reason that around 74% villages still don't have electricity (not sure about the exact figure) and Anna Hazare team gets attacked for selfless service to the nation while corporates are given complete freedom to loot people.


  1. If you have enough meat/content with you, maybe you could create your own video and post it to forums such as CNN-IBN's citizen journalist show..


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