Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat

The title of the book 'Revolution 2020' and Chetan Bhagat's positive coments about Anna Hazare movement makes one interested in reading the book but it's a complete disappointment as the book is more about melodramatic soap opera kinda stuff instead of offering a vision for India 2020.
If you are interested in triangular love story in which the lead character Gopal sacrifices his love at the end then this book is for you and you are left with the sympathetic feeling for Gopal. 
How come it has anything to do with Revolution 2020 when the whole book revolves around an unfulfilled love story? Only few pages are dedicated to Revolution 2020 and even those pages talk about revolution to be brought by the youth (especially of Varanasi) against the corrupt system. I don't see any vision or clear roadmap of the revolution 2020, everyone knows that some kind of revolution is needed and it will obviously be brought by young people and there is absolutely no vision in it which makes reading the book an unnecessary exercise if the writer can't offer any new revolutionary thought which can make your eyes twinkle. 
So, do read the book if you have time to waste as you are only left with an emotional baggage of Gopal who lost his love at the end and there are many old bollywood movies with triangular love stories like this. So, the title should have been 'Nostalgia 1990' instead of 'Revolution 2020'.

Few other reviews which i should have read before buying this book and wasting my one whole day : 


  1. ypa surely I do agree...........

  2. The whole corruption and the newspaper thing looked rather funny.
    anyway you can read my review here


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