Rockstar really rocks!

I don't really feel like writing reviews because i find most of the events / movie very superficial and artists etc. are mainly concerned with fame / money and other reason is that i'm not really a review writer. Although it's a commercial movie but it's main focus is on divinity through love, music....through simple joys of life!

First of all, i don't agree with the reviews by mainstream newspapers like Times of India Rockstar Review, which says that the second half stagnates and i complete disagree after watching the movie. Few other media companies like India Today etc. also points out few areas of the movie which are apparently illogical. It's their job and they are surely free to do so but they are dissecting a flower to find it's beauty which is an impossibility. Beauty can only be experienced and it can't be logically proved.

They miss the essence of the movie which is all about a blessed artist (i like the short appearance of Shammi Kapoor who looks at Jordon and says that he is a blessed soul) and his main objective is to connect with divine through his passionate love and his music. He doesn't care about his popularity, his negative image in media and public because his main focus is to experience a love beyond boundaries and that's possible when you put everything in stake for your love and your work (music in this case)! This point is proved throughout the movie till the end where a slide with rumi's poem about ultimate freedom is shown.

So, it's a movie worth watching if you are not looking for just intellectual simulation or time-pass entertainment but love beyond boundaries!

I end this note with one of my favorite song of the movie which again reaffirms the truth that we are just expressions of god and don't have any separate existence which is just a perception of human mind. And only surrender to the source can solve all of our problems.


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