All Bills will be Jokepal bills & only meditation can help

Update (5-8-2013) : But the problem is that nobody wants to meditate and even many of those who spend years at meditation places come across as mediocre people. 
So, rules are really needed and team of experts should decide what rules should be followed and lokpall bill might also be important. 


I don't think that Lokpal bill will solve the problem of corruption as we already have enough laws, constitituion, police force, armies in place. Only thing which can change is inclusion of meditation in schools, public / private organizations. Osho meditation can be very helpful in this regard as he offers many techniques which throws madness out of the human body-mind system.

There are other teachers too but Osho's meditations are most effective as it also includes catharsis and the techniques are very scientifically devised by him. But business must be kept out of this because there are many who wants to be gurus (spiritual teachers) and make good money out of it.

The meditation techniques must be offered for free and stern action must be taken against those who claims copyright etc. on something which is essential for the upliftment of the humanity.

So, only inner purification of individuals will help.


  1. An Ostrich, when it sees the incoming enemy, hides its face inside the sand, and thinks that it is free from danger. In that way is it free from danger or sooner or later, it will have to encounter the danger, it tried to avoid ?

    Whether it be a movement against corruption like Lokpal Bill or whether it be meditation, BOTH SHOULD MOVE HAND TO HAND. BOTH ARE NEEDED SIMULTANEOUSLY. But discouraging people who are already involved in movement against corruption is a sure sign that one has still not known about meditation. Forgetting Oneself and seeing how to make this world a beautiful place is meditation.

  2. hmmm! You have a good point here! But constitution, laws, police etc. are also there for good reasons but doing something completely opposite in many many cases.

    Meditation changes you while Bills enforces outer laws on you which means human beings are not aware enough to follow their inner light and need out enforcement to act right. It's not really beneficial in the long run.

    I'm not against the people who want lokpal bill at all. They are really wonderful and doing great work but it's just a thought that any outer rule will be imposed and won't be coming from within and it can't be very effective unless one realizes one's inner impurities and do something to purify oneself.

    You say, 'Forgetting Oneself and seeing how to make this world a beautiful place is meditation.'

    Not really! Knowing your real self and then acting out of it is meditation. Mostly we act out of our imaginations. We are taught many ideas about life which are mostly self centred and that self is not our real self. It's just given by society to manage this life somehow....just a mask! Not real self at all! We just need to know the real self first and then good happens. Real examples : Osho, Sadguru etc. who realized this real self!


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