A Country of Nothingness......where nothing really happens!

A Country of Nothingness......where nothing really happens!

Corrupt people are everywhere we all know and i keep hearing from many people that you can't really do anything about it but it must change.......

Update on 31st December : Good to know that the idiotic and corrupt Triveni manager is thrown out sometime back. 

Last updated on 14th september 2013 : Triveni Kala Sangam is one of the promiment cultural place in Delhi. The land was alloted by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the First Prime Minister of India to them for the promotion of arts and culture and he willl be sad to see the current situation. 
And this is what it's manager did 2-3 years back : Click here to read more about the incidence at 'Triveni Kala Sangam'
Not only that, these people were even spreading lies in the artist community. One Triveni artist even threatened me in past. 
The place must be taken over by the government.

The Little Theatre Group (LTG) : The manager of LTG Sawan Sharma also got hostile and the reason is again the same....politics by one old Delhi Magazine as both the managers told people that they should give the information to that magazine only. Readers can easily guess who is behind it. 

But as it's a country of nothingness and nothing really happens here. No action has been taken against any of them. Stern action must be taken against the triveni manager atleast because they are using a land which was given to them for promoting art and not to promote hatred and selfishness. 

Note : These and many other people are just nobodies and they are taking advantage of not having a strong government. 



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