Kya Acche Din Aaa Gaye?

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Update on 10th November 2014 : Good that it's done without further hassles! But babudom must be eliminated from this country! 

Updated on 27th September : 

I went to MCD office Rajpura Road (Delhi) recently for a birth certificate and realized that there was a name error because of incompetent hospital staff so i asked one abc (nothing against any individual as the issue with the work culture) to tell me the solution instead she suggested me to fight with the hospital and i asked her politely few times if it will solve the issue. She said that nothing will happen and nothing can be done!
Although she became a bit soft as if she is doing a favour on me & told me that the name can be added with 'alias only' which doesn't make sense. 

When i went there next time, the person who was sitting there in place of Shobha madam was very polite and told me that there is no issue and it will be done and i was relieved but when i came back with all the papers ready, he denied & told me that nothing cane be done now! I asked him, 'Why the hell you told me that it will be done easily?" There was a bit argument as he wasn't even ready to tell me any solution and adamantly told me that nothing can be done and finally i had to go to the PA of the Deputy Commission for the meeting but the PA suggested me to meet DHO. 

I met the DHO and managed to get the work done after requesting the DHO there somehow (even he said that nothing is possible) without my complete satisfaction as i had to plead these people to get it done and still not sure if it will be done the right way. 

I wonder why most of the government officials harass general public and if there is no law to correct the clerical issue then laws needs to be changed. Laws must not be there to harass the public but to help them! 

I could use my contacts to get things done faster but why can't i be treated with respect if i go to a government office as an ordinary citizen i wonder! 

Things need to be simplified and government officials must be taught that they are getting their salaries from the tax paid by the public and they are just the servants of the public instead of public being their servant. 

Most of the people ignore such experiences by telling themselves that babu culture is part of our life (Indian Culture?) and there is no solution & no need to mess but such things must not be tolerated at all as it only waste your time and energy! 

Why am i talking about it in public? 

Because it's a public issue and it must be talked in public only! 

But it's still a minor issue?

Yes but if we waste our energy in minor issues, how will we take care of bigger issues? So, it must be sorted out! And i'm not really saying that my issue needs to be sorted but the bigger issue of babudom must to be sorted! 

In this country, we are the puppets in the hands of babudom (government) while the truth is that we are only puppets in the hands of god! 

And truth must prevail at any cost! 

Hospitals must not be given authority as i have heard that they keep committing many mistakes or it must be done after taking the consent of the parents. 


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