PK : beginning of a Questioning Mind!

The movie Pk doesn't really demean any religion but it only wants us to start questioning all that which we have accepted blindly as far as our religious beliefs are concerned which is a taboo since a long time! We don't believe in questioning as we assume that the religious beliefs are given by our gods / gurus / pandits etc. and god will punish us if we don't act mechanically as per the belief system! Many so called religious people just take advantage of our fear and greed which is the basis of all our beliefs. We have fear of losing what we have and greed to fulfill all our reasonable and unreasonable desires which creates the need for many fake religious institutions with fake leaders who just exploit our insecurities!
We forget that the purpose of religion is to help us in attaining the fearless state when we don't depend on others (others here include everyone else expect us) and only a true religious teacher help us in attaining that state when we are free even from them as they don't have any vested interested in making us dependent!
Almost all the religious institutions want us to indulge in some kind of regular religious activity to get what we want in life while it's actually about being free from everything as we are the divine beings ourselves and the life energy within us is the source of everything. Any genuine spiritual teacher must only help us in knowing our true self instead of creating dependence.
The movie only questions the unnecessary dependence created by certain compulsive religious activities which don't make us more joyous within ourselves while that should be the only criteria!

I can go on & on but it's better to put a full stop here! And i must also add that the movie was just an excuse to express my thoughts! 


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