Regarding Osho Commune International

Osho Samadhi in Pune

Few Greedy Foreigners (with the help of few greedy Indians) have taken over the Osho commune and moved the copyrights related to the Indian Mystic Osho outside India! 

I request the Indian Government to take over the place and hand it over to those who are more religious / spiritual without any vested interest! 

Most Important Points : 

  • Copyright etc. belongs to India and they can't be taken outside. All the things belong to Osho belongs to India!
  • The place is an ashram / a commune an not a commercial resort. 

Few other Important Points : 

  • A place of meditation must not offer wine! Sorry wine lovers but the focus must be on the wine of meditation! :-)
  • A meditation hall must not allow walking with shoes on! (talking about the old auditorium space where osho talked for years)
  • Indians are not greedy, sex hungry etc. (And the place is for healing and it's important to welcome everyone for their personal upliftment) Indians must be allowed (by making it less commercial) and not just rich Indians. Although allowed but it's a very commercial place while a spiritual place isn't meant to be so!
  • Someone like Swami Anand Arun from Nepal must be consulted for the future decisions regarding the place! 
  • The place is one the best laboratory for Inner evolution of human beings in the world and it must be protected from elite people and must be available for sincere seekers irrespective of their financial status etc.! 

And it's not narrow mindedness to give importance to Indian religion, it's a scientific fact that our thoughts, deeps impact the environment we are living in. 
So, we must not pollute a sacred place with our misdeeds!

Those who don't have any respect for Indian culture must not be tolerated! 

It must be probed and correct action must be taken! 

Osho Ashram & Jobs (important point suggested by one osho disciple - added on 3rd July 2015)

Osho book royalties are estimated at 25million USD per annum .... This royalty money is being diverted away from the PUNE ashram and away from the Indian economy

There is no reason why ALL OSHO's BOOKS, DVDs, MALAs and PHOTOGRAPHS cannot be created, printed and published by hundreds of local Indian people from within the Osho ashram ... Lots of employment for local PUNE population 

How wonderful it would be if every Osho book, Dvd, photograph picked up and purchased around the world was known to be produced and distributed from the one authentic OSHO PUNE BUDDHAFIELD source ...

and that these book sales were creating jobs for Indian people back in Pune and that profits were being re-invested back into OSHO's PUNE ashram ...

Instead of the current situation where the western pirates are intentionally placing the ASHRAM into DEBT to create pseudo-evidence that the OSHO ashram is no longer financially viable and must be therefore sold off to repay these "orchestrated" debts

What is Osho? 

1. Listen to this Audio at SoundCloud (in Hindi) :
2. Watch 'Rebellious Flower' movie : (This movie is just a drop in the ocean and offers very little insight into osho's childhood and adult life but it's still a very good effort)  Wait for more movies & TV series on Osho in future. 
3. Read one of his books! Osho has spoken on many religions and you can buy books or CDs related to your belief!
4. Try attending his meditation camp at Osho Tapoban in Nepal or try finding any nearby place associated with them!

In my own words and understanding : 
What Sachin Tendulkar is to Cricket!
What Amitabh Bachchan is to Bollywood!
Osho is to spirituality!
Although they can't be compared because actors, sportsperson can't be compared to a mystic who did massive work for the upliftment of human consciousness for a civilized world!

And there is much more to Osho which requires lots of research and reading and obviously meditation as he is simply a phenomenon! 


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