Site Improvements

There are few changes at the site like you can access the menu even when you scroll down and it will stick to top. And few speed and code issues are also getting sorted out.

And mobile site is also cleaned a bit and logo isn't taking too much space now.

See below :

And more to come in the coming weeks.....

Any further suggestion is most welcome. is now a secure site

Just open the site and you will see 'https://' in url bar. See the screenshot below too : Redesign

The Desktop Site and Mobile site got redesigned starting from the month of June & continuing till September with cleaner and more visual desktop website and visual & more feature rich mobile site with improvements in mobile apps too. 

Lots of areas still need work and your suggestions are most welcome for further improvement.

Regarding Osho Commune International

Few Greedy Foreigners (with the help of few greedy Indians) have taken over the Osho commune and moved the copyrights related to the Indian Mystic Osho outside India! 

I request the Indian Government to take over the place and hand it over to those who are more religious / spiritual without any vested interest! 

Most Important Points : 

Copyright etc. belongs to India and they can't be taken outside. All the things belong to Osho belongs to India!The place is an ashram / a commune an not a commercial resort. 
Few other Important Points :

A place of meditation must not offer wine! Sorry wine lovers but the focus must be on the wine of meditation! :-)A meditation hall must not allow walking with shoes on! (talking about the old auditorium space where osho talked for years)Indians are not greedy, sex hungry etc. (And the place is for healing and it's important to welcome everyone for their personal upliftment) Indians must be allowed (by making it less commercial) and not just rich I… App for your iPhone...

Download App for your iPhone from Apple iTunes Store :

Google Safe Browsing &

Update : The issue is resolved now. But google must have customer care service for essential services & emergency issues. 
Moreover, who will pay for the losses i suffer because of the issues with their tool? Me while they will keep making money from us from search, ads, apps. 

There is an issue with Google Safe Browsing and one important reason behind that is that they are unable to offer acceptable customer care service till now in India which i notice for many years but finally writing about it here. So, nothing much can be done till they wish to improve their services. 

Contacting them through the form, search feedback & at webmasters forum has been of no use till now. 

Google Customer Care service : My years of experience says that If you face any serious issue with most of their tools, you need to depend on a public forum and there is no decent customer care to resolve your issue. Nobody to contact & nobody to resolve your query mostly. 

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