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Google Safe Browsing &

Update : The issue is resolved now. But google must have customer care service for essential services & emergency issues.  Moreover, who will pay for the losses i suffer because of the issues with their tool? Me while they will keep making money from us from search, ads, apps.  There is an issue with Google Safe Browsing and one important reason behind that is that they are unable to offer acceptable customer care service till now in India which i notice for many years but finally writing about it here. So, nothing much can be done till they wish to improve their services.  Contacting them through the form, search feedback & at webmasters forum has been of no use till now.  Google Customer Care service :  My years of experience says that If you face any serious issue with most of their tools, you need to depend on a public forum and there is no decent customer care to resolve your issue. Nobody to contact & nobody to resolve your query mostly.  An Internet Servi

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