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New Year Eve Celebration with Shekhar Sen’s One Act Play ‘Kabir’

New Year’s Eve offered many options to celebrate the arrival of Year 2008 and most of the activities comes in the category of ‘Mindless Entertainment’. But one event stands out which took place at Kamani Auditorium on 31st December, 2007. It was a One Act Play ‘Kabir’ by Shekhar Sen, a talented actor / singer who has performed his solo acts including play on Vivekananda and Tulsidas other than Kabir numerous times in India and abroad.
Kabir was the illegitimate son of a Brahmin widow who had set him afloat on the Ganges to avoid being thrashed by society but a childless Muslim weaver saved his life and took care of him.
Kabir was treated as inferior by both Mulla and Pandit. But he never bothered about them and made mockery of them by saying to Mulla, “Is your God Deaf that you shout his name from the minar of masjid?” and to Pandit, “If God is everywhere, why do you indulge in Idol Worship?” He kept provoking all those who didn’t believe in loving fellow human beings and preferred to e…