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Government pushes Vodafone, Bharti & Idea to end the 3G roaming pact

News Source : Govt asks Vodafone, Bharti and Idea to stop 3G roaming pacts

The outcome will be that your 3G connectivity won't work in the cities where your telecom service provider doesn't have 3G license.

Not a good step for sure by the government and it must annoy both the telecom companies and consumers.

Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat

The title of the book 'Revolution 2020' and Chetan Bhagat's positive coments about Anna Hazare movement makes one interested in reading the book but it's a complete disappointment as the book is more about melodramatic soap opera kinda stuff instead of offering a vision for India 2020.
If you are interested in triangular love story in which the lead character Gopal sacrifices his love at the end then this book is for you and you are left with the sympathetic feeling for Gopal.  How come it has anything to do with Revolution 2020 when the whole book revolves around an unfulfilled love story? Only few pages are dedicated to Revolution 2020 and even those pages talk about revolution to be brought by the youth (especially of Varanasi) against the corrupt system. I don't see any vision or clear roadmap of the revolution 2020, everyone knows that some kind of revolution is needed and it will obviously be brought by young people and there is absolutely no vision in it whi…

Rockstar really rocks!

I don't really feel like writing reviews because i find most of the events / movie very superficial and artists etc. are mainly concerned with fame / money and other reason is that i'm not really a review writer. Although it's a commercial movie but it's main focus is on divinity through love, music....through simple joys of life!

First of all, i don't agree with the reviews by mainstream newspapers like Times of India Rockstar Review, which says that the second half stagnates and i complete disagree after watching the movie. Few other media companies like India Today etc. also points out few areas of the movie which are apparently illogical. It's their job and they are surely free to do so but they are dissecting a flower to find it's beauty which is an impossibility. Beauty can only be experienced and it can't be logically proved.

They miss the essence of the movie which is all about a blessed artist (i like the short appearance of Shammi Kapoor who l…

Corrupt Practices by Delhi Tourism / Government

Update : Good to see that the commercial site isn't a partner in many Delhi government events anymore and it's an old story now. And i also got a reply sometime back that there was some kind of partnership agreement (which shouldn't happen though). Anyway, the chapter is closed for now and it's better to focus on other issues. 


We all know about CWG scam, Telecom Ministry scam and many other scams including corruption in government departments which is faced by public very often.
I also want to point out one corrupt practice which i come across. I have noticed that Delhi Tourism is promoting one commercial website for the last few years. These government organizations are not even interested in providing information to because that won't benefit them.

Why do government organizations promote a commercial venture? The reason is very simple : Personal gain or gain for the political party from corporates for the next election! That should be probed f…

If I was the Prime Minister of India

Update : It doesn't appeal to me anymore! And i think only politicians can do this work. I'm fine with my simple non-political life! :-)

If I was the Prime Minister of India...
I would have told Digvijay Singh, Renuka Chowdary, Manish Tewari & other such congress members that they are anti-nation when then say disgusting things about Anna Hazare and his team members.

If I was the Prime Minister of India...
I would have told Rahul Gandhi that his visits to villages etc. is all about expansion of his Congress Party and creating a politically correct image for himself. It's not completely wrong but it's not enough to be a leader at all.
If he was a true leader, he would have joined Anna Hazare and spoken for him instead of against him or atleast he would have welcomed Anna's team members when they came to meet him even if it required him to cancel his other meetings as nothing is more important than a team which is working for the nation.

If I was the Prime Minist…

Arundhati Roy Vs. Anna Hazare

Here is the comment i posted at facebook wall in response to Arundhati Roy's article at 'The Hindu' Newspaper :

She is too crazy! She may appeal to the mathematical mind but most important thing is that Anna's intention is good & he is trying to go to the root of the problem which is corruption and he himself says that the passing of the lokpal bill is just a beginning of the battle!

She says, 'Nothing about the farmer's suicides in his neighbourhood, or about Operation Green Hunt further away. Nothing about Singur, Nandigram, Lalgarh, nothing about Posco, about farmer's agitations or the blight of SEZs.'

These are just the offshoots of the corruption and he is surely working on the complete solution instead of just pruning the branches which happens when you focus on certain issues only.

Cricketers vs sportswoman

Sheila Dixit government offered crores to cricketers who won world cup but nothing to Arunima Sinha who lost her leg after she was pushed out of the train.
These Cricketers already earn huge money & they should be encouraged to donate a part of their huge wealth for social welfare.
So, is it just a political move to impress the cricket obsessed masses?

Ram Jethmalani - Such a rigid guy!!!!

I watched the movie 'No One Killed Jessica' and just researching a bit now to study the psychology of few people involved. After watching this interview, i can say that many old people have serious issues with admitting that 'they don't know' and 'they too can also commit mistakes' and instead of doing that, they just try to belittle others like Ram Jehtmalani is doing in this interview. He is just an advocate ( senior or whatever ) and not a god that he is talking as if Karan Thapar is nobody. If he hasn't learned to respect other's opinion and honest enquirers, his being a senior advocate has no value at all.
Anyway, it's an old story though but the rigidity of the old people still continues..... (smiles)