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All Bills will be Jokepal bills & only meditation can help

Update (5-8-2013) : But the problem is that nobody wants to meditate and even many of those who spend years at meditation places come across as mediocre people. 
So, rules are really needed and team of experts should decide what rules should be followed and lokpall bill might also be important. 


I don't think that Lokpal bill will solve the problem of corruption as we already have enough laws, constitituion, police force, armies in place. Only thing which can change is inclusion of meditation in schools, public / private organizations. Osho meditation can be very helpful in this regard as he offers many techniques which throws madness out of the human body-mind system.

There are other teachers too but Osho's meditations are most effective as it also includes catharsis and the techniques are very scientifically devised by him. But business must be kept out of this because there are many who wants to be gurus (spiritual teachers) and make good money out of it.

The medi…

English Newspapers

Further Updates (4th December 2011) : And i really disliked the way Vir Sanghvi (Hindustan Times) justified non-vegetarianism. It must be very convenient when you are a food writer and invited to all the big and small eateries other than having yearly restaurant guides but otherwise it doesn't feel good that a journalist (if he can be called so in this case) isn't sensitive enough to remain neutral atleast. It's just common sense that eating non-vegetarian food just for your taste buds feels too superficial even though most of the readers here might also be enjoying that but it's not expected to justify it from a senior journalist.
So, i don't agree with HT that they are better than Times of India and non-commercial in Nature.
Update (2nd September 2012) : Recently read him talking about vegetarian food and saying that most of the Hindus / Indians prefer it and not comfortable with non-vegetarian food which is really appreciative.

Counterview (20th October 2011) : Bu…