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Hindutva Agenda of BJP / RSS

Update on 28th March :  If Hindu Rashtra is all about a developed and corruption free India then i'm for it.  If Hindu Rashtra is all about peaceful & civilized country instead of mindless rituals then i'm for it. 

Got my Answer in this video below (Brilliant answer by Shri Narendra Modi Ji) : 

Many secular people are worried that BJP / RSS may use their power to strengthen their Hindutva Agenda. When Gandhari curses Krishna that his Yadav vansh will be destroyed, he accepted it wholeheartedly by giving the reason that they are also corrupt which is a clear sign that he is against all the wrong doers even if they belonged to his own community. 

Such wisdom is really necessary to maintain peace and order in today's time and only then any political party will survive otherwise the will lose their power sooner or later. 

Moreover, the real threat the country faces is Corruption only! Moral Corruption in government officials / Politicians / Ordinary Citizens / Private Companies …

Kya Acche Din Aaa Gaye?

Image Source :

Update on 10th November 2014 : Good that it's done without further hassles! But babudom must be eliminated from this country! 

Updated on 27th September : 

I went to MCD office Rajpura Road (Delhi) recently for a birth certificate and realized that there was a name error because of incompetent hospital staff so i asked one abc (nothing against any individual as the issue with the work culture) to tell me the solution instead she suggested me to fight with the hospital and i asked her politely few times if it will solve the issue. She said that nothing will happen and nothing can be done!
Although she became a bit soft as if she is doing a favour on me & told me that the name can be added with 'alias only' which doesn't make sense. 

When i went there next time, the person who was sitting there in place of Shobha madam was very polite and told me that there is no issue and it will be done and i was relieved bu…

Journey of Action & Hope - Narendra Modi


India moves forward....

Just came across a very interesting article by Madhu Kishwar on Narendra Modi and the riots happened in Gujarat :

You must also read the comments by well respected spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar :

We all know that the country was going through a major crisis and there was a very strong need for a political change and citizens of this country are hopeful that Narendra Modi ji will bring that expected change as he seems to be the strong leader which this country desparately needed!

Let's hope for the best for the future of this country!

3G data plans in Delhi - A Joke!

I notice that all the 3 companies who won 3G auction in Delhi (Airtel, Reliance and Vodafone) stopped offering or didn't offer unlimited 3G data plans in Delhi. I'm not talking about the so called unlimited plans where speed is reduced after a certain data limit is reached. 

Forget unlimited plans, they aren't offering plans bigger than 10 to 15 GB.

I gave my feedback / request to the call centre executives few months back but nothing happened! 

Must Watch Episode of Satyamev Jayate for Voters

This is a must watch Episode of Satyamev Jayate for Voters to decide whom to vote :

My suggestion to Hon'ble Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde

I would suggest Shri Shinde Sahab to suspend or transfer the cops immediately (as requested by Arvind Kejriwal ji) as that will help them create a very clean image which is necessary for the survival of their government in future. 

I know that my suggestions are taken seriously and i expect them to take me seriously this time for sure as i'm only a well wisher!