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Regarding Osho Commune International

Few Greedy Foreigners (with the help of few greedy Indians) have taken over the Osho commune and moved the copyrights related to the Indian Mystic Osho outside India! 

I request the Indian Government to take over the place and hand it over to those who are more religious / spiritual without any vested interest! 

Most Important Points : 

Copyright etc. belongs to India and they can't be taken outside. All the things belong to Osho belongs to India!The place is an ashram / a commune an not a commercial resort. 
Few other Important Points :

A place of meditation must not offer wine! Sorry wine lovers but the focus must be on the wine of meditation! :-)A meditation hall must not allow walking with shoes on! (talking about the old auditorium space where osho talked for years)Indians are not greedy, sex hungry etc. (And the place is for healing and it's important to welcome everyone for their personal upliftment) Indians must be allowed (by making it less commercial) and not just rich I…